Parental Leave


Aga Khan University introduced the Parental Leave to facilitate female faculty/staff members to adjust to the demands of a newly born child and make the necessary arrangements for returning to work. In line with the HR philosophy of AKU that the well-being of the Institution, and the well-being of its people are one and the same, this initiative is one of many that AKU has taken to facilitate the careers of female members of the AKU family.

Parental Leave is a form of special part-time work arrangement for a limited specified time period, at management discretion, depending on departmental work exigencies and is offered only to full time female faculty/staff members who have completed one year’s employment at AKU.

The faculty/staff member is required to work at least fifty percent of her regular full time weekly hours during the period of Parental Leave. Salary for the period of Parental Leave is pro-rated in accordance with the part-time work schedule i.e. the number of hours worked but the faculty/staff member continues to avail full benefits as applicable to the full-time employees.

Parental Leave is for a maximum period of twelve consecutive weeks, normally in continuation of Maternity Leave or in exceptional circumstances during the first year following Maternity Leave. It is admissible once in two years, and for a maximum of three times during a faculty/staff member’s period of service.