Lasting Relationship Program At Aku



The idea behind the “Lasting Relationship Program” was to form and maintain a healthy relationship with our key ex-employees. We believe that networking with former employees is significantly important, as it will benefit AKU on one hand and them on the other.


This can be done by keeping in constant communication with the former employees, by updating them about the current affairs and happenings in the Institution. With this, the employees will feel honored and this touch of value addition will earn a good name for the Institution in their minds.


The objective of this program is to bridge the links between the ex-employees and the Institution. The intent is to associate the ex-employees with the AKU circle and gain their goodwill by staying in contact with them and promoting a direct, personalized and effective medium for the exchange of information.

Some of the major benefits that the Institution seeks from this program are:

  • The former employees can be good referral sources for job vacancies.
  • They can be a source of intellectual capital. They can contribute and share their knowledge and ideas in various forums of AKU as participants or as guest speakers.
  • They will help in maintaining goodwill and thus can serve as ambassadors of AKU.
  • They can come as volunteers to participate in various projects.

The program was successfully launched on August 29, 2003. In light of this objective, we contacted 34 ex- Faculty and 22 ex- Staff members and Human Resources received very positive and encouraging responses. We have sent the eid / seasons greetings cards to them and keep them posted with all the updates through AKUWAT and newsletters. We would like to share some of the views as follows:

“I believe my link with AKU shall always remain strong and durable. I have very good memories for the place and moreover that is where i started my serious radiology.
When ever i am in Pakistan i shall always drop by for a visit to the hospital and a teaching session to the residents. If there is any thing i can do in my capacity from UK, please feel comfortable to discuss it out.”

Dr. Changez Khan Jadun
( ex Faculty – Radiology)

“Its nice to hear from you after sometime. My association with AKU has been a long one and I would certainly like to be a part of AKU as long as I can and it will be an honor for me to be a small part of the AKU team. I would certainly like to be updated about AKU.”

Dr. Ata ur Rehman Qureshi
( ex Faculty – Medicine )

“I am pleased to hear about this new program at AKU. I believe it provides a great opportunity for us to develop networking and potential collaboration between the AKU and our institutions.”

Dr. Mohammad Hussein Rahbar
( ex Faculty – CHS )

“I was delighted to hear from u and as one of the very keen well wishers of AKU who is proud to have been associated with this premier institute of Pakistan. i would always feel honored to be associated with this great institute and would like to contribute in whatever capacity so that it achieves greater heights in its noble mission.”

Dr. Sohail Ahmed
( ex Faculty – Surgery)

“Thank you so much for the e-mail and this innovative initiative. The “Lasting Relationship Program” is indeed a timely one. It will benefit not only the University but also people like us who had been blessed with the opportunity of working for this august institution. My relationship with AKU dates back to my days with IDRC, and I am sure that it will continue in the future. I shall be more than happy to remain engaged with AKU and contribute to it in whatever way I can. Please keep in touch.”

Dr. Anwar Islam
(ex Faculty – CHS )

“Anil and I would gladly be a part of your friendship program. Our time at AKU over 6 years (1995-2001) were professionally rewarding and satisfying and has led to the opportunities we now have. We hope one day having gained skills outside we are able to return to the AKDN wherever the need may be. But in the mean time we would be grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to be of assistance to AKU in any capacity.”

Dr. Tashmin and Dr. Anil Khamis
(ex Faculty – IED )

“I am proud of being an AKU ex-employee. I once visited the Dubai office of AKU and was glad to note the excellent setup over there. When I entered the office, it looks to me as though I entered AKU campus once again. I wish to suggest through this email that the government of UAE is very liberal in allowing foreign educational institutions to setup their off-campus here in Dubai Media City. SZABIST has already established itself in Dubai Media City, why not AKU.?”

Mushtaq Ahmed 
ex Staff – Students’ Affairs (SON)

“Thanks for your email; I am very touched and happy to receive it. I am gradually establishing my contact with my AKU family and inshallah it will continue. Look forward to LRP.”

Amirali Vellani
(Ex Staff – Payroll)

“Extremely happy to hear from you and also find out that the University has started its ‘Lasting Relationship Program’ with ex-employees. Was thrilled to receive news about AKU and look forward to reading ‘AKUHWAT’ and keeping abreast regarding events and happenings at AKU. I recall with great warmth and pride my association with AKU and still remember the many happy years when I was in Karachi and part of the AKU team. Through this initiative of yours I hope to resume my association with AKU even while overseas. I look forward to receiving information about AKU on a more regular basis.”

Rayner Fernandez
( ex Staff – Budget & Planning)

“Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate this effort of AKU to keep its ex-employees still a part of the AKU family. I am very interested in contributing whatever time and ideas that are needed.”

Tanveer Noorani 
( ex Staff – IED )

“I am very much delighted to hear about this decision of developing the network of AKU with ex-employees and other professionals. I am very much interested to remain in touch with AKU. I am very much committed to dedicate my life to AKU.”

Dilawar A. Hussain 
( ex Staff – Human Resources )

“Many thanks for your email on lasting relationship program. Definitely my stay at AKU for more than 5 years is an unforgettable and valuable experience and wherever I am, AKU has a significant contribution towards that achievement. I would be grateful to you and your team for update about AKU through its website and also through AKHUWAT.”

Saleem Daredia
( ex Staff – Internal Audit)