How To Start Having Fun At Work Contributed By: Maria Qureshi


Get to know your people. Then you’ll understand what will be fun for them.
Acknowledge people’s help. Write someone a personal letter of thanks for exceptional work performance. Then go by and shake his or her hand.
Think of someone you really respect but who may not know it. Tell the person.

  • Make a joke about yourself. Tell someone one of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to you.
  • Pull a practical joke on someone who can take it.
  • Send someone a gift when he or she has done something exceptional for you or your organization.
  • Pick one or two people to “grow”. Make them your special projects and help them in any way you can.
  • Create a social committee to organize events. Get actively involved in this committee.
  • Tell everyone coming to your next meeting to bring best joke or work-related story with him or her to tell everyone at the meeting. (If you want, you could judge the best one and give the person a prize.)
  • Try this for a prize: When someone does a particularly great job of something, do his or her job for a day.
  • Throw a party for the people you work with, or throw a party for your customers or your clients.
  • Get everyone involved in skits they make up about their strengths and their weaknesses at work.
  • Ask a customer, co-worker, or supervisor to help you learn something new.
  • Make a list of three things you will do tomorrow to make your work more fun. Do them.
  • Start a new contest at work that is tied to people’s performance. You could even create a contest just for yourself. If you are successful at meeting your goal, do something special for