HR leadership Journey 2016


In an ever-changing world where boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and interconnectedness is increasing exposure and opportunities, HR Leaders must continue to evolve and rethink the way they attract, engage and manage people. It is increasingly crucial for HR to be at the core of the business, understanding key business challenges and developing innovative and workable solutions in real time with agility and speed. In order to do so, HR leaders must broaden their horizons and equip themselves with the necessary tools for change.

The PSHRM HR Leadership Journey is a program that brings together the greatest HR minds from Pakistan’s leading companies in an international setting to explore holistic solutions to the challenges that the new world of work presents. With a blend of renowned international facilitators, peer-to-peer learning and community building, this program allows the participants to use mindfulness and introspection to access their internal strengths, leading towards greater fulfillment and productivity. Conducted in Sri Lanka in 2016, the HR Leadership Journey was a great success!