HR Development Program


Speaker Session by Salman Burney, CEO, GSK Pakistan

Great CEO’s aren’t born, they are made. It’s their avid, expansive thinking that makes them so. Mr. Salman Burney, CEO GSK Pakistan is no exception. Mr. Burney was the keynote speaker at the HR Development Program conducted by the Pakistan Society for Human Resource Management.

and with Mr. Jamal Nasir inaugurating the session. Mr. Burney is an acclaimed CEO, greatly recognized for his devotion towards the development of Human Resources in Pakistan. He started off by an insight on his career and HR’s role in contouring it. He talked about the impact of HR on business, through his eyes.

During his presentation, Mr. Burney shed light on the focal concern points, with the need of HR to partner with Businesses by contributing towards strategy, how to achieve it.

The core concept of the session was to enable the audience to see from the eyes of a CEO, what it means to need HR.

He emphasized on the changing environment, which with its course, has brought evolution to the requirements of HR.

According to Mr. Burney, the role of HR as a strategic partner is colossal. He emphasized that it’s the ‘people’ who maximize the shareholder value, as change agents, as recruiters, through employee engagement and through Talent Management and Succession Planning. He put forward the need of having trusted HR executives who would add value to this purpose.

Furthermore, he emphasized on the need of HR executives to act out as consultants, with respect to treating future challenges and to be able to cope with the evolution.


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It was shocking to find out the time spent of the consultative and developmental function of HR needs to be improved drastically, with relevance to Strategic and administrative needs.

Mr. Burney highlighted the requirements of HR that still needed to be dealt with, which would bring out the expertise to build efficient and agile organizations. These included requirements, such as, Change Management, creating Brands,  Talent Management, etc.

He implied that HR needs to advise and guide the employees on how best to manage and develop their careers in a challenging and changing business environment .  Thus, indicating the need of complete synchronization.

Mr. Burney ended his presentation with the final thought that HR would be doing less administrative work and have more role in strategic planning and development of the company through its employees in the future. Thus describing HR’s future capabilities in terms of Business, Human Resource and Change Process Mastery and Personal Credibility.

He left the floor with a Q/A session, inviting an invigorating discussion on the entrepreneurial situation in Pakistan.

Such sessions have allowed ardent consciousness of the HR world among employees of various organizations, thus leading towards the development of HR, bringing out the best in organizations.