HR Boot Camp S8 2018 Powered by Turkish Airlines


The PSHRM HR Boot Camp 2018 is an intense program meant to allow Young HR Professionals to discover the direction, self awarenessandself management that they need to take on upcoming challenges and opportunities in the world of HR.

The PSHRM Boot Camp is the result of a vision to create and build synergy amongst carefully selected young, dynamic HR professionals. We achieve this by creating a vibrant culture of exchange and forging bonds which last a lifetime.

Participants will challenge their boundaries and develop their potential to lead their teams. This Bootcamp is designed to provide participants with a chance to get to reflect and realize their own leadership potential through a collection of activities based around defining purpose and discovering strengths, weaknesses and what it will take to overcome these in order to succeed. The interactive activities are selected by seasoned HR professionals to stretch participants mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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