Best Practices For Recruitment And Retention

Best Practices For Recruitment And Retention Core Organisational Values Line Manager Involvement Marketing and Promotion Recruitment Coordination Efficiency or the Hiring Process Information Tracking/Measurement Career Development Orientation Continuous Learning Exit Interviews   Core Organisational Values The recruitment practices must compliment the core values of the organisation. The organisation must seek to recruit individuals who possess […]

Lasting Relationship Program At Aku

CONCEPT The idea behind the “Lasting Relationship Program” was to form and maintain a healthy relationship with our key ex-employees. We believe that networking with former employees is significantly important, as it will benefit AKU on one hand and them on the other.   This can be done by keeping in constant communication with the […]

Aga Khan University Day Care Centre

Aga Khan University established the Children’s Day Care Centre in 1990, thereby setting an example to other organizations aspiring to become an ‘Employer of Choice’. The Day Care Centre (DCC) at AKU is a unique facility which provides childcare services for faculty and staff with young children. This facility has been provided to encourage the […]

Parental Leave

Aga Khan University introduced the Parental Leave to facilitate female faculty/staff members to adjust to the demands of a newly born child and make the necessary arrangements for returning to work. In line with the HR philosophy of AKU that the well-being of the Institution, and the well-being of its people are one and the […]

Employee Assistance Programme (Eap)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was developed with an objective to help faculty and staff of Aga Khan University to resolve their personal problems that may affect their morale and productivity. While handling employee relations issues, it was noticed that decline in the performance of certain employees was due to their personality and family problems. Hence, […]