Aga Khan University Day Care Centre

Aga Khan University established the Children’s Day Care Centre in 1990, thereby setting an example to other organizations aspiring to become an ‘Employer of Choice’. The Day Care Centre (DCC) at AKU is a unique facility which provides childcare services for faculty and staff with young children. This facility has been provided to encourage the […]

Parental Leave

Aga Khan University introduced the Parental Leave to facilitate female faculty/staff members to adjust to the demands of a newly born child and make the necessary arrangements for returning to work. In line with the HR philosophy of AKU that the well-being of the Institution, and the well-being of its people are one and the […]

Employee Assistance Programme (Eap)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was developed with an objective to help faculty and staff of Aga Khan University to resolve their personal problems that may affect their morale and productivity. While handling employee relations issues, it was noticed that decline in the performance of certain employees was due to their personality and family problems. Hence, […]

Canada In a Global Economy By: Navroz Surani

Impacts and implications of growing economic integration with the United States. With an area of 10 million square kilometres (over 3.8 million square miles), Canada is the second largest country in the world, but given its population of only about 30 million, it is one of the least densely populated. In 1993, Canada had less […]

Quantitative Reasearch In Total Quality Management By: Navroz Surani

It has now been over two decades since the core ideas of Total Quality Management (TQM) set forth mainly by Edward Deming, Joseph Juran and Krori Ishikawa gained significance and acceptance in the management field. TQM philosophy has not only been confined to industrial settings but has gradually spread to in health care organizations, educational […]

Maruc Buckingham Thinks Your Boss Has An Attitude Problem By: Polly Labarre

There is a noble promise at the heart of the new world of business: Everyone has the right to meaningful work, and people who do meaningful work create the most value in the marketplace. Even as the talent wars have fizzled into pink-slip parties, few senior executives would dispute the vital importance of finding, engaging, […]

HR And Organizational Change By: Muhammad Faisal

Change is a messy, iterative process. Just when you think you’ve arrived you find you’ve hardly begun (Tony Turrill: Change & Innovation – A Challenge for the NHS) Ever since those two planes hit the twin towers of World Trade Center we talk about 9/11 as if this was the only year that September 11 […]

HRIS – A Paradigm Shift By: Ali Asim

ABSTRACT In the corporate world of ours, managers are being constantly persuaded to change how they manage their employees. They are urged to do more than simply rethink their relationship with their employees. With the cut-throat competition prevailing in the corporate world, businesses have realized the importance of investing in their most important assets, the […]

Human Resource Management By: Yusuf H. Shirazi

Personnel management concepts in Pakistan have developed well over the last five decades particularly in the industrial sector. Personnel management has recently undergone another transformation to Human Resource Management which was brought about by changing business conditions and ever increasing competition. This change in essence implies more or less the same responsibilities but with a […]

Training And Development Practices Of Foreign Banks Operating In Pakistan By: Minhas Bhojani

Researcher: Minhas Bhojani Advisor: Zafar Hussain Technical Consultant: Meherban Faroogh Year Completed: 1998 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM What is the present set-up of training and development in Foreign Banks? 2. What are the objectives and budget of training and development in foreign banks? 3. What are the methods or procedures adopted by foreign banks for training and development? 4. […]